work for with us

Open positions?

  • We don’t (yet?) hire for specific positions
  • Just apply and tell us what you’d bring to the table

What's in it for you?

  • Work whenever, wherever you want
  • Spend up to 1/10 working on your own projects
  • Get paid 14 times a year (2 months extra)
  • 100% remote (we don’t even have an office yet)

How many interview rounds?

  • 2 rounds, taking approx. 90min total
  • 1 elevator pitch, where you show us some stuff you’ve worked on
  • 1 skill-related live task

How should you pitch yourself?

  • Focus on side projects or completed tasks at past jobs
  • Talk about real accomplishments, guide us through some of your projects
  • Turn on your camera, and speak freely, no prepared speeches
  • Don’t focus on mandatory projects you did in school / university / bootcamp
  • Keep in mind - degrees are great but don’t make up for missing experience